ponedjeljak, 27. lipnja 2011.

Monday Moodboard: Natural Greens

Here's a selection from a treasury of mine that was made last week. I just love these green natural tones!

1. MadeByFire
2. JKphotography
3. steinschmuckdesign
4. artwatercolor

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ponedjeljak, 20. lipnja 2011.

Cute stuff on Monday Moodboard

So I'm totally into cuteness recently!
I opened a new shop - doKIDyourself and I'm childishly happy about all the cute stuff!

So I chose some other cute items for today's moodboard:

1. meilingerzita
2. BHBKidstyle
3. sabahnur
4. krize

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ponedjeljak, 13. lipnja 2011.

Purple Monday Moodboard

I love this way of sharing and loving each other's items :)

My choice for today is purple:

1. starflycreations
2. Intres
3. janinebasil
4. Brigite

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nedjelja, 12. lipnja 2011.

Friday is my day

I've been featured on Friday on a great blog - Friday is my day.

The idea is to pick one Etsy's seller each week and the featured person describes his or her day.

Thank you, Morrgan / Maria and have a happy birthday!!!

ponedjeljak, 6. lipnja 2011.

Monday Moodboard - The Lightness of Being

Yesterday I made a treasury that I like soooooo much.
So I decided to use some of the chosen items and feature them in today's moodboard.
Please check out the other selected items in my treasury - The Lightness of Being.

1. KUKLAstudio
2. andrea0503
3. enchantedpond
4. BuyMyCrap

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