ponedjeljak, 29. kolovoza 2011.

Mustard Friendly on Monday Moodboard

One of today's trending tags on Etsy is mustard and I'm glad it is because otherwise I would not think about making a treasury with that color. And it turned out to be awesome, I really like it.

My picks for today's Monday Moodboard:

1. krize
2. crafts2love
3. theancientmuse
4. ZsBcreations

Check out the whole treasury:

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ponedjeljak, 22. kolovoza 2011.

The place I want to be @ Monday Moodboard

It is so hot in Croatia and there are predicting another hothothot week. My daughter is at the seaside and I would like to be there so much... There is a place on the Croatian coast that we always visit on the summer vacation - Duce. It is a place with sandy beaches and we rent an appartment in a house right next to the beach. So that's where I'd like to be now :)

This selection of beautiful arts from Etsy reminds me on Duce :)

1. zuppaartista
2. azulado
3. JKphotography
4. GiftsandStars

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utorak, 16. kolovoza 2011.

Peridot - August, Balance, Money...

In their Merchandising Desk for August, Etsy announced that PERIDOT is one of the hot supplies for items listed. Check out the August issue of Merchandising Desk.

Peridot is a birthstone of astrological signs Leo and Virgo. It has a beautiful green color. It's said to bring emotional balance and it's also called the Money Stone. They say you have to keep it in the money box (wallet?) to draw money to you. You also have to add the citrine to help you keep it. I need citrine desperately :)

I currently have two pairs of earrings and a necklace featuring peridot in my shop. One pair of earrings is a typical wire-wrapped pair and the others combine wire-wrapping with some traditional silversmithing skills, using silver sheet.

1. wire-wrapped chandelier earrings
2. necklace
3. earrings using silver sheet

I love peridot!!!

ponedjeljak, 11. srpnja 2011.

Owl Madness Monday Moodboard by doKIDyourself

I have problems with the lack of time! Or is it time management??? Not enough time for crafting, blogging etc.

Recently I opened a new shop to display my love for kids' stuff. Not necessarily stuff to be worn by kids but for everyone who likes fun cute stuff!
Check out my doKIDyourself shop!!!

Is it only me or is there a certain owl madness on Etsy???

I have a love for owls for quite some time now and I love making them - these are mine:

So my doKIDyourself alter ego made a new treasury yesterday and it featured owls made by various artists, using various techniques - Owl treasury.

My Monday Moodboard features four of them:

1. meilingerzita
2. karensagez
3. ShishLOOKdesign
4. CraftUnikat

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ponedjeljak, 4. srpnja 2011.

Little Red Riding Hood in a Dark Dark Wood @ Monday Moodboard

Yesterday I made a treasury which really made me smile :) and I love every single item I picked for it!

You can check all the chosen items on Etsy, of course! Look at all these beautiful pieces of art - Little Red Riding Hood in a Dark Dark Wood

Just a preview:

1. matilou
2. LeelaBijou
3. Kteis
4. NatashaMay

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ponedjeljak, 27. lipnja 2011.

Monday Moodboard: Natural Greens

Here's a selection from a treasury of mine that was made last week. I just love these green natural tones!

1. MadeByFire
2. JKphotography
3. steinschmuckdesign
4. artwatercolor

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