utorak, 16. kolovoza 2011.

Peridot - August, Balance, Money...

In their Merchandising Desk for August, Etsy announced that PERIDOT is one of the hot supplies for items listed. Check out the August issue of Merchandising Desk.

Peridot is a birthstone of astrological signs Leo and Virgo. It has a beautiful green color. It's said to bring emotional balance and it's also called the Money Stone. They say you have to keep it in the money box (wallet?) to draw money to you. You also have to add the citrine to help you keep it. I need citrine desperately :)

I currently have two pairs of earrings and a necklace featuring peridot in my shop. One pair of earrings is a typical wire-wrapped pair and the others combine wire-wrapping with some traditional silversmithing skills, using silver sheet.

1. wire-wrapped chandelier earrings
2. necklace
3. earrings using silver sheet

I love peridot!!!

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