ponedjeljak, 22. kolovoza 2011.

The place I want to be @ Monday Moodboard

It is so hot in Croatia and there are predicting another hothothot week. My daughter is at the seaside and I would like to be there so much... There is a place on the Croatian coast that we always visit on the summer vacation - Duce. It is a place with sandy beaches and we rent an appartment in a house right next to the beach. So that's where I'd like to be now :)

This selection of beautiful arts from Etsy reminds me on Duce :)

1. zuppaartista
2. azulado
3. JKphotography
4. GiftsandStars

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  1. beautiful inspiration...
    sea treasuries are amazing!

    nice week

  2. soft and lovely and cooling....have a good week, hopefully not toooo hot as predicted!

  3. Ohhh I would love to be at that place too !

  4. i share your feelings! here's so hot too! and your moodboard is stunning, love it! :)

  5. I love this moodboard!
    Pretty and soft!

  6. Thank you all!!! It's even hotter today and tomorrow it should be 40...

  7. This is beautiful!
    Thanks so much for featuring our Jellyfishes :)