ponedjeljak, 11. srpnja 2011.

Owl Madness Monday Moodboard by doKIDyourself

I have problems with the lack of time! Or is it time management??? Not enough time for crafting, blogging etc.

Recently I opened a new shop to display my love for kids' stuff. Not necessarily stuff to be worn by kids but for everyone who likes fun cute stuff!
Check out my doKIDyourself shop!!!

Is it only me or is there a certain owl madness on Etsy???

I have a love for owls for quite some time now and I love making them - these are mine:

So my doKIDyourself alter ego made a new treasury yesterday and it featured owls made by various artists, using various techniques - Owl treasury.

My Monday Moodboard features four of them:

1. meilingerzita
2. karensagez
3. ShishLOOKdesign
4. CraftUnikat

The other Monday Moodboards can be seen at Star of the East blog.

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