ponedjeljak, 11. travnja 2011.

carried away necklace

I really like structure, I'm just such a type od person.
Sometimes I really struggle to make an assymetrical piece...
You see this piece? It reminds me of this struggle od mine: it is playful but it has a strong structure: the bezel is centered on a piece of a fine silver sheet. Then some beads are added - those are not all the same size, just to avoid being boring :D
Then, to make things more complicated, two long pieces of fine silver wire are wrapped and attached to the sheet... The pendant hangs on a simple leather necklace.
I'm just wondering if that's too much...
Perhaps my jewelry reflects my personality, which would indicate that I'm not a simple person :))))
Your opinions are appreciated ;)
And if you like the necklace, this is the link to the shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71478390/carried-away

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