četvrtak, 5. svibnja 2011.

How it is sometimes a bad idea to risk with experiments

I'm really prone to experimenting and risk taking in making decisions!
So I was in a very good mood recently to try making a vintage-style key necklace with a Swarovski pendant...
It seemed like a perfect idea to oxidize it at the end to achieve that vintage style that I love so much.

(Btw. al my jewelry pieces are oxidized – I wonder if that’s smart?!)

I even tested the Swarovski after already making the pendant – I immersed another one in the patina liquid to see whether it would react but nothing happened.
Yay, celebration!!!

But then I put the silver wire-wrapped pendant with the Swarovski in the liquid and I was so confident that I let it swim for a little longer.
When I noticed small metal particles floating around, I knew something was wrong :(

And after I took the pendant out of the patina, I could notice the sad change... the crystal lost at least a half of its previous shine...

It looks good to me anyway; it’s just not something I would sell to someone, except someone explicitly asked for it, knowing about this tragic story ;)

So here’s the final picture and I’ll add the original pendant picture as well.

The lesson to be applied (as my favorite band, Pearl Jam would say) – Swarovski and oxidizing chemicals are not what you would call best buddies!!!
Bear that in mind :)

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